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Developer2013 and IamLUG

I will be presenting at two upcoming conferences, Developer2013 and IamLUG.

Developer2013 will be held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas April 30 to May 2, and is organized by THE VIEW. I will be presenting the following sessions:

Doing more with less code in XPages

"Work smarter, not harder." We're all expected to, but are rarely told how. In XPages, however, we have many opportunities to do precisely that. This session will equip you with techniques for writing less code to achieve the same result. Learn the surprising power of Expression Language and discover how its syntax allows simple expressions to produce complex results. See new ways of letting data sources do the work for you instead of manually moving data from place to place. Most powerfully of all, step through real examples of how to consume code written by others so you can skip solving problems others have already addressed and focus entirely on delivering solutions that are unique to your application. As a bonus, learn how implementing any of these techniques even improves the performance of your application so that your users can spend less time waiting and more time working.

The mobile interface you're already developing

A challenge that has faced Domino developers for over a decade is maintaining "hybrid" applications: user interfaces that cater both to the Notes client and to web browsers. As phones and tablets augment -- even replace -- the use of laptops and desktops to access applications, it can appear that this challenge has grown even more difficult. Thanks to the evolution of the Domino platform, however, the opposite is true. This session will focus on two ways you can minimize duplication of effort while ensuring that your application is indifferent to how your users choose to access it. First, learn how to structure your design elements to allow them to be used in numerous user interface contexts with little or no targeted customization. Then, take a look at how XPages empower us to leverage emerging web development techniques to produce a "responsive design": a single user interface that is both attractive and functional, whether accessed via the Notes client, a desktop web browser, or a mobile device.

IamLUG will be held at HoteLumiere in St. Louis May 6 - 7, and is (as always) completely free to attend. I will be presenting the following session:

Become a Control Freak: discover XPage components that will make your apps awesome

In the early days of Lotus Notes, most end users had no home computing experience. Today, nearly everyone has a laptop and a mobile device -- if not several of each. Applications developed behind the firewall must now compete for users' mindshare with their daily use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other publicly available services that they perceive to be modern. Providing user experiences that delight users, regardless of their screen resolution or physical location, can seem like a daunting task... but it doesn't have to be. This session will take you on a tour of XPage components that make it easy to develop -- and maintain -- compelling, modern user interfaces.

If you're not already registered for either -- or both -- of these events, you should seriously consider signing up. The abstracts listed above are just a representative sample of the type of guidance these events provide. Not only is it always energizing to get together with a bunch of folks who share your professional passion, the technical content is likely to be just the nudge in the right direction that you need to spare yourself massive headaches later on, as well as providing some ideas for how to make your user experiences amazing. If your boss needs convincing, Kathy Brown has already gone to the trouble of creating a form letter that spells out rather clearly the value of IamLUG; THE VIEW has done the same for Developer2013... just click the "Convince Your Boss" link on the Developer2013 site.


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