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I finally know what a component's "binding" property is for

Category xpages
If I ever tell you, face to face, that I know everything there is to know about XPages, I beseech you, please take my keys and call me a cab, because I'm clearly not thinking rationally.

Case in point: from time to time, as I'm setting properties on a component via the "All Properties" panel, I accidentally hover over that mysterious property named "binding", and this hover help appears:

I read the explanation and remember that I've been intending for years (yes, years...) to find out what that property is actually used for, but I'm busy right now. I'll research it later. And then I promptly forget again. I'm not sure how many times that exact sequence has occurred. Many.

Well, mad props to Cameron Gregor, who told me precisely what it means. And it's simple, but has some interesting potential benefits.

We XPage developers are fond of talking about binding components to stuff — documents, beans, and so on. But that's not actually what we're doing. We're not binding components to those things. We're binding their values. Consider the following representative markup:

<xp:inputText value="#{currentDocument.subject}" />

This indicates an edit box that is "bound" to an item on a Domino document, right?


A better description of the above markup is an edit box whose value is bound to an item on a Domino document.


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